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Microphone Howie Mandel joins Murphy & Kim!
FashionPoliceisBackandMelissaRivershasalotofCleaningtoDo..jpg Fashion Police is Back and Melissa Rivers has a lot of Cleaning to Do
max-summer-slide Summer of a Thousand Winners!
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  • Go to a hockey game with the San Diego Gulls! Hockey isn't just for sports fans! It's fun for the family and a great way to get close to the actio...
    Caitlyn Jenner hits Del Mar Opening Day Caitlyn Jenner hits Del Mar Opening Day as her TV crew films for her reality show on the E Channel
  • Cosplay and more at Comic-Con 2015! Check out the scene at this year's Comic Con!
    Big Bay Boom Fun with Murphy & Kim!  
  • Fans enjoy Padres Beerfest  
    Come hang with Murphy & Kim at the Big Bay Boom! Murphy & Kim invite you all down to the Big Bay Boom this Saturday for the best Fourth of July celebration in San Diego!
  • Grab a sandwich at Phil's BBQ at Petco Park!  
    Louise Harrison - My Kid Brother's Band, a.k.a. The Beatles  
  • Month of Moms: Lunch at Boudin Bakery Join Dave Mason and some lucky winners as MAX FM celebrates moms with free lunch!
    Murphy & Kim - Pushups for Charity  

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Look what I found

Original 1890s Manuscript of “Happy Birthday” DiscoveredDigital// // // Deep in the vaults of the University of Louisville, a librarian has now discovered what appears to be the original manuscript of “Happy Birthday,” or at least the earliest known version.  The sheet music da

pedal the cause 2
Follow Kim’s ride for Pedal the Cause!

I’m not a bike rider, biker or bicyclist! Nope. Not even close. However, there is one very important event that can get me on a bike. Pedal The Cause. This will be the second year I’ve participated. There are different courses….I’m on the smallest. I’ll be riding ten miles. It’s actually not the distance that matters, it’s just the fact that I’m doing it.


MAX VIP San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo!

Dave Mason’s LIVE broadcast from the San Diego Zoo was a roaring good time! See photos from our exclusive VIP tour with our Club MAX winners!

MAX FM Fan of the Week!

Check out our awesome Social Fans of the Week! Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you can be next!

Wendy's Van Hit

The MAX Street Team had a great time giving away prizes at the Wendy’s in Mission Gorge! Our winners had a great time too!

Opening Day at Del Mar!

Del Mar’s rockin’ party scene heated up on Thursday, July 16th, when the track opened its gates for Opening Day, and we had a blast getting in on the action!

BBB Firework
Big Bay Boom!

105.7 MAX FM had a blast celebrating the Big Bay Boom on the 4th of July! Check out all the fun!